Shared by one of the followers of the page: A public service appeal through whats app to save humanity To all Respectable MNAs, MPAs, Ministers, Opposition, doctors, NGOs, Media, Public, & All. Specially to the sec. Health sindh, The DG health sindh, Subject. Take legal action and inspections against private hospitals in Hyderabad sindh which violat the heath statnderd rules, laws cause lives of patients are in danger. ........................,...,........ I want to bring this serious scandal into notice to save thousands of human lives which are in danger. It is very first legal and moral duty to take notice & impliment the health rules, laws in private hospitals at Hyderabad. It has became very beneficial trade to open private hospital, maternity home etc. Without following health standard procured to protection of human lives some are indicated below. 1. Either these kind of hospitals are registered by the gove or not? 2. Either they follow the prescribed rule or not? 3. Either they follow and declare the labour rules at notice board, policy form for awearness to labour. 4. Either they hire ( employees) staff professional, diploma holders, or not? 5. Either they get the submitted documents verified by the concern board or not ? 6. Either they keep the income, expense, patient's record maintain and audit by the prescribed authority or not? 7. Either they funded by the NGOs etc have any other resources of income or not? Please it is necessary and direct effect the human lives. That to earn and make the mony a lots of private hospitals committing these kind of crimes. I.e 1. They appoint the staff without verification of professional diplomas even have some nurses without diploma. 2. Poor hygiene / contaminated procedures 3. Not measures take to explain / satisfy the patients before and after procedure. 4. Students nurses are appointed for duties as nurse it is high level crime. 5. On cheap salaries unconcerned / fake diploma holder are appointed 6. How much taxes they paid 7. In the name of charitable how much fees they charge from patient Please due to this thousands of peteints are suffered and some them die without knowing the justified solid reasons. Take notice and inspect this. Save health. Save humanity.

from Pakistani Nurses

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